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Medline Platinum 31 Inch Reacher

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Pick up items without bending Get behind & between tight spaces Full handgrip for strength & control Extends Your Reach an Additional 31" for all Your daily Chores and Tasks - Indoors and Outdoors Latex-Free Non-Slip Rubber Tabs Weighs 14 oz. You can easily reach high into cabinets and on top of shelves. Picks up items from the ground without bending. Gets behind, between and under tight spaces. Full handgrip for added strength and control. Non-slip jaws latch onto items securely. Lifetime limited warranty. This Platinum Reacher has all the possible uses you can imagine, at home and in your office Before first use, make sure the gray tips on the end of the jaws are secure How to Use: Use one hand to grip the handle assembly. Position the jaws over or around the object to be reached and retrieved.Squeeze the movable pull handle until the jaws close around the object to be retrieved. Apply enough squeeze pressure to the handle so that the item reached stays firm on the jaws. Items in the jaws may be brought up to your free hand or placed on a counter or other surface. If you use your Platinum Reacher properly, it will give you many years of service. Please remember that this Platinum Reacher was designed to pick up objects no heavier than 5 pounds. Improper use such as picking up heavy objects (greater than 5 lbs) on a regular basis will result in a shorter life span for the component parts Items as small as a dime, a postage stamp or a penny may be easily picked up from the floor. Maintenance: To insure proper performance, be sure that the screws in the handle are securely tightened This can be done using a No. 1 size Phillips head screwdriver Hand tighten the screws so that they are snug Do not over-tighten screws. Keeping your Platinum Reacher clean will improve performance and appearance Cleaning Your Platinum Reacher: To clean, use a moist towel with cold or warm, soapy water Do not use harsh detergents, ammonia, bleach or paint thinners You should rinse the product off with fresh tap water to remove soap residue and dust Use only mild soap and a damp cloth to clean plastic parts Avoid all other types of detergents, cleaners or solvents which might contain chemicals that could seriously damage the finish of the plastic Do not use oil, WD-40, or any other lubricant on this product Oils and lubricants will damage the product Storage: You may find it handy to hang your Platinum Reacher on a wall or in a corner of a room This keeps the product out of the way and minimizes the risk of damage A hook on the wall can be an ideal storage spot

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